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" If I have to live my life again ,I would always remain in my laboratory for greatest joy
of my life to accomplish original scientific work "

J.B. Andre Dumas.


Seeing experiments being performed is quite important for understanding of principles of science. Performing experiments by one’s own hands is more important because it involves “learning by doing”. For a scientific teaching of young minds, a genuine laboratory practice is must. A lab is a workshop where truth of ideas is tested and many theoretical aspects are verified.


For this, the school has a well equipped Physics Lab, a Chemistry Lab, a Biology Lab, a Social Science Lab, a Maths Lab, two Computer Labs and Resource Rooms. A regular project work and practical work schedule is followed to relate knowledge and understanding to application.

Chemistry Lab.

A Chemistry lab is a workshop for learners where they learn the techniques of preparation ,identification, and estimation of chemical substances.At TPS, we have a well equipped chemistry lab where a real scientific training for a growing mind and genuine laboratory practice is done.

Young alchemists at work.  
Biology Lab

The practical study is a supplement to the theoretical classroom knowledge.It helps to understand the subject better.To fulfill this purpose, we have a Biology lab equipped with latest instruments.

Tulsians explore Knowledge beyond books.
Physics Lab

Science curriculum for Senior Secondary level aspires to develop scientific temper in students of varied interests & aptitudes.Keeping this in mind a Physics Laboratory has been developed in the school comprising of all the latest instruments required by students upto class XII.


Social Science Lab

At TPS, Setting up of the Social Science lab has made the curriculum interesting and engaging. It also helps the students in developing academic skills and social skills such as cooperating with others, taking initiatives and providing leadership in solving problems.

Learning social science is a creative endeavour at TPS


Maths Lab.

Mathematical concepts seem easier when they are done in Maths lab. In fact, it provides opportunity for theory to come alive for the students. Mathematics is made easy with a  number of  interesting and innovative activities. These activities develop a love for the subject.

Learning Mathematics is real fun at TPS.

Computer lab

The school has a state of art computer and multimedia lab.Apart from basic computer literacy skills,like Word processing,Data bases,Spread sheets,Multimedia and the use of Internet, the students of TPS are encouraged to learn the application of technology though  subject based integrated  projects.

Students preparing subject based integrated projects.

Memory Lab

Students exploring their infinite potential of mind.

The world’s 13th Memory lab has been set up at Tulsi Public School, Ambala City

It was inaugurated by Memory Guru Sh. Biswaroop Roy Chaudhary (Holder of 2 Guiness World Records- Memory and Push ups) in May 2008.

The purpose of memory lab is to ease learning through mental sports. Today’s student is faced with exam phobia, stress and strain and is overburdened with studies leading to fatal consequences. In such a scenario Memory Lab rescues the students from the clutches of stress. It combines ancient wisdom with the modern science. It teaches how to harness infinite potential of mind. At Memory lab, we believe that every student is a Genius and Scientist. Here the students get an opportunity to use some equipments to discover the greatest potential hidden inside the greatest machine of the universe i.e. human brain and explore the latencies of human mind to get rid of all mental barriers in order to elevate himself to be a real genius and scientist in front of the world.


Transport Facility

Tulsi school transportThe school provides a very efficient transport facility to all desirous student of very remote areas at affordable transport fee