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At Tulsi Public School, your child will find that learning and education will be fun. And that the school is a lot like home and yet a completely different world. Children from diverse backgrounds come together and live and learn as a huge family, sharing their experiences, drawing from each other and growing up under the guidance of some of the finest teachers.
Meaningful Education (Schooling for Tomorrow)
1. Child Centered: Children's learning needs are the driving force behind all our actions. We recognize that each child is unique and thus we adapt all the educational experiences to that reality.

2. Real and engaging: Real experiences and activities are used to promote true understanding and engagement. The curriculum is aligned to emphasise the essential unity of knowledge and the development stages of a child.


Whole: The main aim is to develop the child into the whole individual- a mind which is intellectually, emotionally and spiritually developed and a body which is fit, dexterous, well nourished and healthful.

4. Empowered teachers: Our efforts are to train and inspire teachers have resulted in a wonderful team of teachers who love children and teaching.

  The power to change yourself is the power to change the world around you.
5. Connected to community: Efforts are made to keep the school connected to parents, local community and the world. Children are made sensitive to the richness of their culture and appreciative of their natural environment.
6. Remedial teaching: Remedial teaching helps those students who are not able to cope up with the regular studies. It equips the students to overcome their basic problems in studies.
    Value Based Education
    "If you are a good soul, If you are truly educated, the suffering of every human being will hurt you as if it is your own. This is what we mean by education"

    Dr.Sarvapalli Radha Krishanan

    God is not in books and scriptures but in humility and truthfulness
    An important aspect of education at TPS is that priority is given to moral education. The over emphasis on values and moral development equips the students with the sense of mission, hope, vision, and a firm basis to use knowledge, skills and capabilities in a way that will be most beneficial to mankind.

    The students are equipped with Universal values of respect, honesty,truthfulness,kindness,helpfulness,cooperation.Also they are taught to compete against themselves, and not simply with others.

    Mpral values have been given to students and efforts have been made to integrate the values  with the activities done in the school:

    Celebrating each child :
                                   every child a Star!

    The Star System: To give an equal opportunity to every child to shine and excel, the school has adopted a Star system. A Stars chart is displayed in every classroom. Students are awarded stars not only for appreciative work but also for an effort at improvement in the field of Academics,Extra-curricular activities and behaviour.A student who gets 10 Red star is awarded a Golden star which he/she wears as a batch for a fortnight.
    “To stretch, To aim higher, To explore,
    To tread unwalked paths,
    To forge new roads,
    To reach for the pinnacle,
    And then go beyond-
    To endeavour to rise,
    To seek the highest.”